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Product Code: CASMA1
***The most convenient option for the majority of our customers*** 

If your preferred source of CO2 are soda maker bottles (major brands include SodaStreamTM, DrinkMateTM, SodaSenseTM, etc.), then this is the Fill Adapter for you. 

Sodamaker CO2 bottles are very conveniently available from several source:

1) Buy from us at https://coolfiretrainer.com/AWSCategories/p/1/CO2-Fill-Options, and part-echange empty bottles for full bottles by mail. 

2) Buy locally from local chain retail stores (in USA this includes BestBuy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, etc.). Purchasing locally allows you to bring an empty bottle with you and part-exchange it for a full bottle next time your visit the store.

3) Buy online and have pre-filled bottles delivered by mail.  You can also send you empty bottles back to part-exchange for full bottles. Unlike paintball bottle, which must ship empty due to shipping regulations, sodamaker bottles are designed to satisfy shipping regulations that allows these bottles to be shipped pre-filled for the ultimate in convenience.  

Price: $53.00



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