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With the CoolFire IR laser, you are able to create various targeting situations, depending on your targeting system. From stand alone targets to video ranges, your training world just got more realistic. Gone are your days of the red dot. When sighted properly, your sight picture IS your point of impact. No more distractions while watching the dot.

Hits by our invisible Infra Red (IR) Basic Laser are not visible to the human eye, but is compatible with various electronic targets: 

  • Compatible with electronic targets that beep flash when hit, such as the LaserPET II and i-MTTS targets
  • Compatible with many camera-based simulators, including: Smokeless Range by Laser Ammo, Ti Training simulators, Laser Academy by Mantis, LASR App by LASRX.
  • If you have questions about other simulators, please contact our Sales team here or call 918 973 2665 x Sales.

This Basic Laser rapidly threads into the muzzle each time you refill your barrel with CO2. 

PLEASE NOTE: This product is not compatible with our RAPID FILL ADAPTER (NO LASER) or our EXTEND-A-SHOT (NO LASER). Please purchase the appropraite version of the Rapid Fill Adapter or Extend-a-Shot with an integral laser.