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The Visible Red Basic Laser allows you to see your hits on reflective and electronic targets* including:

  • Our dedicated CoolFire Trainer Reflective Targets. A 3-pack of these is included with each visible red laser, but you can get additional ones
  • Compatible electronic targets that beep flash when hit, such as the LaserPET II and i-MTTS targets  
  • Simple reflective objects that can serve as improvised targets, including paper targets, light switch covers, etc.

This Basic Laser rapidly threads into the muzzle each time you refill your barrel with CO2. 

PLEASE NOTE: This product is not compatible with our RAPID FILL ADAPTER (NO LASER) or our EXTEND-A-SHOT (NO LASER). Please purchase the appropraite version of the Rapid Fill Adapter or Extend-a-Shot with an integral laser.

* If you want to use camera-based targets (e.g. LASR App/LASR X, or compatible projector screen video scenario simulators), use the invisible Infra Red (IR) Laser instead.  


The package contains:
Complimentary Reflective Targets