“Take your handgun and convert it into a  slide-cycling dryfire monster… the training possibilities are limitless…” 

Mike Seeklander, Competitive Shooter - Team Wilson Combat, 2019 IDPA World Champion 



"I have worked with the product. CoolFire is top-notch gear." 

Massad Ayoob, Massad Ayoob Group 



In my quest to be the best shooter I can be, the CoolFire Trainer has been a great help in closing the gap betwen dryfire practice and live fire. When you're looking for every hundredth of a second, the CoolFire Trainer, combined with good trainig, can give you tenths!

Spencer Keepers, Lead Trainer and Owner, Keepers Concealment



The CoolFire Traienr is the best dryfire training aid on the market that replicates live-fire recoil with your actual firearm in a safe training environment. I use mine extensively and am seeing direct results in improving my shooting skills.

Riley Bowman, Director of Training at



You may not rise to every occassion, but you will always default to your training. CoolFire Trainer is the training tool to default to.

Daniel Martinez, Competitive Shooter - Team Vulcan Machine Werks




Reviews from @CoolFireTrainer

@elkymonroe  --- Got mine on right now periodically being surprised by various light switch and outlet plates, lighting them up!
@isaiah.ahh  --- Exactly what I was looking for
@pointblanksimulatoruk   --- Awesome bit of kit
@kromaticx   --- I Love using this with my G17 
@greybeard_actual  --- I like that!
@loigrand  --- Amazing training tool
@dustinpottershoots  --- Love training with this for my P320 X5 
@nsmh13  --- Love mine... last year was the perfect year to get it! 
@thebluejuan_   --- Used mine to death lol loved every bit of it
@popo_pewpew  --- Wife got me the 2011 one for Christmas! Very awesome tool.
@tkjoe508  --- I just ran multiple drills firing about 250-300 rounds. I love the CoolFire trainer for my M&P.
@bachmanmandy  --- Loooove my CoolFire!!
@kimmy_and_malin_shoot --- The @coolfiretrainer has dramatically improved my pistol shooting performance.
@kromaticx  --- Hands down best system for dry fire training, you guys should add a system for Springfield’s, I love using my CoolFire on my G17