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If you’re getting inconsistent laser hits, low shot count and/or weak recoil problems:


1. Is there enough CO2 content in the tank? 

Weigh the tank using the procedure shown on pages 13-14 of the User Manual​​, and see table below.

Full Tank or Empty Tank

Approximate weight of CO2 tank without a Fill Device installed. If weighing with adapter, add 70 grams.

  Tank type Empty* Full
Paintball 12 oz 540 grams 913 grams
Paintball 20 oz 854 grams 1,420 grams
Paintball 24 oz 956 grams 1,700 grams
Sodamaker 3 oz 268 grams 362 grams
Sodamaker 14 oz 807 grams 1,258 grams
90 gram / 88 gram 419 grams 508 grams

* Please belive this data: when your CO2 tank is effectively depleted, it will still have some CO2 vapor inside,
but this will not be enough to fill your CoolFire Trainer effectively for satisfactory training. Simply switch
to a new CO2 tank and keep training productively! 

NO ?  Replace or Refill the tank. Resume using your CoolFire Trainer.
YES ? Next question

2. Is your barrel filling with at least 3 grams* of CO2

To find out, follow the procedure in this video to purge, weight empty, fill, weight when full. 
* The amount of CO2 per fill will vary with barrel length, barrel diameter, and use of capacity extenders
(Rapid Fill Adapter/Extend-a-Shot).

NO ?   Next question #3
YES ?  Go to question #5

3. Is your Fill Device (and the black knob) fully tightened down?

The Fill Device activates the flow of CO2. If your Fill Device features a black knob, ensure it is fully tightened down.
If you If your Fill Device doesn’t not feature a black knob, ensure the Fill Device itself is fully tightened down.

NO ?   Fully tighten down the Fill Device (and the black knob if present) to activate the flow of CO2.
            Resume using your CoolFire Trainer.
YES ?  Next question.

4. Does your CO2  tank feel warm when you touch it with your hand?

The ideal temperature range is from 70°F (19 °C ) when the tank is full towards 86 °F (30 °C) as you deplete the CO2 content.
This temperature results in the best pressure, which gives the best fill for the most shots. See video.

NO ?   Warm up the CO2 tank. Resume using your CoolFire Trainer.
YES ?  Next question.


5. Is the striker tip in good shape?

To find out how, see page 9 of the User Manual, or this video

NO ?   Replace the striker tip. Resume using your CoolFire Trainer.
YES ?  Next question.

6. Are the pistol’s rails sufficiently lubricated?

An under-lubricated pistol will have excessive friction. 

NO   ?  Apply gun oil to the rails. Resume using your CoolFire Trainer.
YES ?  Next question.

7. Is anything touching the slide while you’re shooting? 

External friction can inhibit slide movement - for example, the shooter’s thumbs; an over-tightened weaponlight
on the accessory rail can cause the dustcover to bend and grip the slide. 

NO   ?  Remove the source of friction. Resume using your CoolFire Trainer.
YES ?  Next step: Click here for factory assistance.

If you require additional Technical Support, please contact us here.