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System Overview & Canik Model Launch

A comprehensive overview of our entire Product System, and the newly launched Canik SFx model.  


An energetic, entertaining and elaborate product review by Icy Mike of Hard2Hurt.

IraqVeteran8888 test drive CoolFire Trainer

IraqVeteran888's Eric and Chad test drive the basic CoolFire Trainer system for a Glock 19 in this 16 minute single-take product overview video. Optional lasers, round capacity extenders, and over 100 additional models are also available.

Product review by Weapon Snatcher

Weapon Snatcher's thoughtful and thorough review of the CoolFire Trainer System for his Glock 19.


Product Review from ConcealedCarry.com

Jacob Paulsen from ConcealedCarry.com reviews the CoolFire Trainer System for a Glock 19.

Product Review by TheHumbleMarksman

An in-depth review by a competitive shooter of the CoolFire Trainer for Glock 34 with a Carry Optic.

John Scoutten's with Shooting USA gives insight on CoolFire Trainer!

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