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CoolFire's Laser Recoil Trainer Makes Dry Fire Practice Fun! -GUNS AMERICA



"I can't tell you how much benefit a shooter can get from having a recoiling firearm during dry fire training."

Andrew Keith,
Armed Threat Solutions


"It works great and I love it! It really adds some realism to dry fire practice." -Todd Bunner

-Todd Bunner


"CoolFire units preformed flawless when used for active shooter response training."

-A prominent local LE agency in New York State


American Warrior Show - Mike Seeklander

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American Warrior Show


2015 Industry Day at the Range Media Favorites

Noonan and Zahurak also discovered a new product they think may be the ultimate training tool when you canâ€â„¢t make it to the range.

"Steve and I both thought the Coolfire product was pretty ingenious,â€Â explained Noonan. "You fit the device in your gunâ€â„¢s barrel, fill it with air just like you would a bicycle tire, then dry-fire the gun. Though thereâ€â„¢s no noise other than a click, the gun recoils as if you were using live ammo. Thatâ€â„¢s a great way to improve the realism of this kind of practice routine.â€Â-Ed Noonan and Steve Zahurak


CoolFire Customer

"Good evening. I wanted to drop a quick email to say that my 1911 kit came in today, and it was met with great reviews by everyone that shot it. "-Dan


CoolFire Fans

"This tool is the next big thing in the firearms community. I had the opportunity to play around with one of these a couple weeks ago and was totally blown away. The amount of recoil this thing produces is very similar to my G19." -Justin


American Handgunner Editorial

Our first magazine editorial.  American Handgunner Sept/Oct 2015 Issue...page 95.


Coolfire Customer

"Finally! a quality recoil/laser trainer that is affordable and available to citizens. I have been looking for something like this for a long time."-Jeremy 


Firearms Blog

The Firearms Blog discovers CoolFire at SHOT Show 2016

The Firearms Blog


CoolFire Customer

"Wow cool fire is awesome. Best felt recoil of any dry fire device I've ever used!"-Peter


CoolFire Customer

"This changes everything!!!...I can't put mine down!"-Clint


CoolFire Customer

"Thank you for your great customer service."-Dale