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The Firearms Blog discovers CoolFire at SHOT Show 2016

The Firearms Blog


American Handgunner Editorial

Our first magazine editorial.  American Handgunner Sept/Oct 2015 Issue...page 95.


CoolFire Customer

"Wow cool fire is awesome. Best felt recoil of any dry fire device I've ever used!"-Peter


CoolFire Customer

"This changes everything!!!...I can't put mine down!"-Clint


CoolFire Fans

"This tool is the next big thing in the firearms community. I had the opportunity to play around with one of these a couple weeks ago and was totally blown away. The amount of recoil this thing produces is very similar to my G19." -Justin


CoolFire Customer

"Good evening. I wanted to drop a quick email to say that my 1911 kit came in today, and it was met with great reviews by everyone that shot it. "-Dan


Coolfire Customer

"Finally! a quality recoil/laser trainer that is affordable and available to citizens. I have been looking for something like this for a long time."-Jeremy


CoolFire Customer

"Thank you for your great customer service."-Dale


2015 Industry Day at the Range Media Favorites

Noonan and Zahurak also discovered a new product they think may be the ultimate training tool when you can't make it to the range.

"Steve and I both thought the Coolfire product was pretty ingenious, explained Noonan. "You fit the device in your guns barrel, fill it with air just like you would a bicycle tire, then dry-fire the gun. Though there's no noise other than a click, the gun recoils as if you were using live ammo. That's a great way to improve the realism of this kind of practice routine. -Ed Noonan and Steve Zahurak


CoolFire's Laser Recoil Trainer Makes Dry Fire Practice Fun! -GUNS AMERICA



Andrew Keith

Andrew Keith,
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