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Upgrade dry fire to SEMI-AUTOMATIC DRYFIRE  !

Experience the training benefit of realistic recoil and action reset by using our CoolFire Trainer conversion barrel in your real pistol. Powered by commonly available and inexpensive CO2.  CoolFire Trainer is a revolutionary product that enables you to:

►Train Realistically Pressing your actual trigger, your eyes tracking your actual sights, and your hand gripping your actual pistol grip to control the recoil of each shot, add up to a level of realism that airsoft guns, pellet guns, and "clicking" non-guns simply can't compete with.

Train Safely - Your live barrel is removed from the firearm, so there is no chamber, and therefore no way to introduce live ammunition! 

Train Economically - Up to 100 rounds for $1! Your investment pays for itself by the time you finish the first CO2 tank, yet gives years of use!

Train Easily - Convert your firearm to CO2 training, and then back again to live fire, easily with few or no tools. Train anywhere, anytime!