USA Dealers 

  • Special rates
  • Add your business information to our website
  • Order on our website 24/7 or by PO via email
  • Payment by credit card, check, or wire transfer 


International Dealers 

Includes everything from the USA Dealers with the following exception:


  • Each country has its own rules and regulations regarding firearms accessories. The dealer is responsible for properly importing our products into their country.
  • For international payments, we only accept credit cards and wire transfers.



  • Must be a legally registered business (filed with State/Country)
  • Must possess a Federal Tax Identification Number (U.S.) or applicable sales authority based on location
  • Must be an operating, active, brick-and-mortar business (no web-based only sales)
  • Must purchase a minimum of 3 orders a year, including a recurring annual order
  • Must sign and honor our Dealer Agreement
  • Must not sell our products on 3rd party websites
  • Must be willing to show off our products in your store, understand how they operate, and assist your customers with any troubleshooting