• Coolfire trainer pouch

    CoolFire Trainer Pouch

    The CoolFire Trainer Pouch holds all of your gear in one place. Note: A CoolFire Trainer Pouch is included wit…

    Was: $23.50
    Now: $12.00
  • Grease


    Grease is used on CoolFire Trainer products to keep them running smoothly without friction. A purchase of a C…

  • Maintenance Care Kit

    Maintenance Care Kit

    In order to keep CoolFire Trainer products running smoothly, you must maintain them.  Each product listed…

    $10.00 - $14.00
  • Striker Tips

    Striker Tips

    The user-replaceable Striker Tips snuggly sit on the tip of the CoolFire Trainer striker to protect it.  …

    $10.00 - $75.00
  • Thread Lock Compound

    Thread Lock Compound

    The Thread Lock Compound locks the threads of the screws in place to keep them from vibrating loose.