1. Availability & Delivery

We are shipping your orders as we received them – first in, first out. So please don’t delay, secure your CoolFire Trainer today!

Demand for our products from civilian, law enforcement, and military customers is at historic levels, and with good reason – with the sky-high price of ammunition, the training benefits of owning a CO2-powered CoolFire Trainer system have never been better value.

We’re manufacturing record numbers of our products, and rapidly expanding our production capacities even further.  Thanks so much for your patience and understanding about these extended order processing times. We are working hard to get you dry-firing semi-automatically as soon as we can.

2. What is CoolFire?

CoolFire is a patent-pending, revolutionary firearms training system that utilizes CO2 and an integrated laser to convert a standard pistol – your pistol – into an effective firearms training tool.

3. How does CoolFire work?

With each pull of the trigger, the CO2 provides recoil and the integrated laser emits a laser pulse that may be registered on a laser target.

4. Can I use Nitrogen or Compressed Air instead of CO2?

NO!  For safety reasons ONLY CO2 may be used with the CoolFire system.

5. Is CoolFire Safe?

CoolFire is safe. Live ammunition cannot be loaded into the gun while the CoolFire system is installed. CoolFire utilizes CO2 to cycle the slide. The CoolFire laser is a Class 2 laser and is therefore safe. But, as with any laser product, the laser should not be pointed directly towards the eye.

6. Why should I purchase a CoolFire Laser Recoil System?

Train at a fraction of the cost of firing live rounds. Maintain and Enhance your firearms skills while saving money and conserving ammunition. Reliable – Robust design for repetitive, long-term use. Train Anywhere!

7. Which guns is CoolFire available for?

The website lists the current models available.  Additional models are offered based on customer demand.  A button is available on the website that allows one to request specific models.  Once CoolFire receives enough requests for a new model, we will design it and then contact those who have requested that model.

8. Will the Colt 1911 Kit work on a Kimber (or Para Ordnance, or Sig 1911, or...)?

The CoolFire 1911 kit and recoil barrel should work with comparable bushing barrel "clone" 1911s (such as Kimber, Para Ordnance, Rock Island, Ruger, S&W, Sig-Sauer, et al).  The kit and recoil barrel will not work with bull barreled 1911's.

9. Will the CoolFire Glock kits and barrels work with all "Gens"?

The CoolFire barrel and kit will work with each Generation of Glock.  However, we must know whether one has a Gen 2/3 or a Gen 4, as the return spring/spring rod are different on Gen 4's.  The Glock kits and barrels are listed separately for Gen 2/3 and Gen 4 models.

10. Is CoolFire available for Rifles and Shotguns?

Not at this time, but the CoolFire patent-pending design includes provision for both rifles and shotguns.  In the future, CoolFire will likely offer AR and Shotgun systems.

11. How many shots do you get from a single charge of the barrel?

You should get between 15 and 25 trigger pulls out of a single barrel charge.  Our goal is to get you at least as many trigger pulls as a standard magazine will hold. 

12. Why am I only getting 4-5 shots on each charge?

Are you turning your CO2 bottle upside down when you charge the barrel?  The CO2 in the bottle (when properly filled) is part liquid and part gas. We rely on both for proper operation of the system.  When the bottle is right side up, you only charge with the gas portion.

13. How do I know that I have CO2 in my bottle?

We have had more than one person buy brand new bottles and have them filled only to have no CO2 in their bottles.  You can easily check this by weighing your CO2 bottle.  

A full 20 oz aluminum bottle should weigh approximately 3.1 lbs (1450 grams).  When it is empty, it should weigh approximately 1.8 lbs (850 grams).

A full 24 oz aluminum bottle should weigh approximately 3 lbs 4 oz (1475 grams).  When it is empty, it should weigh approximately 2 lbs 8oz(1135 grams)

14. How many shots do you get when using the Extend A Shot?

When the Extend A Shot is installed, you will get approximately 125 trigger pulls on a single charge.