Rogers Shooting School Tap Rack Training Aid (TRT)

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The Rogers Shooting School Tap Rack Training Aid (TRT) was developed to safely practice dry fire and reloading drills with the magazine in place. The TRT leaves zero chance of accidentally loading a live round, and removes the need for dummy rounds.


  • Compatible with the CoolFire Trainer
  • TRT loads into an empty magazine. Perfect for use during dry fire training. Keeps the magazine follower positioned so that it will not engage the slide stop or bolt catch.
  • Designed such that the slide of the pistol or bolt of the rifle can pass over the TRT without stripping it from the magazine.



2 Reviews

  • Best Tap Rack Training aid

    These are great training tools and I use them when I teach class. Helps students with Tap and Rack exercises, slide lock practice and beginner operations. Great add to CoolFIre training system and practice magazine changes as well.

    Posted by Emery K on Dec 30th 2023

  • Surprisingly multipurpose!

    The TRTs have come in handy for two reasons: (1) my slide doesn't lock back when pairing this with the cool fire trainer; (2) the lack of the slide locking back keeps me honest about counting my shots in preparation for doing a reload. The only gotcha is that the TRTs must sit on a stock follower (I was unable to stack these on top of dummy rounds or a shallow follower).

    Posted by Trish S. on Jun 16th 2023