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The CoolFire Trainer Barrel is a patented product that converts your real pistol into a highly effective, realistic, and safe dry-fire training tool. Our Barrel replaces your live fire barrel inside your real pistol, and each pull of the trigger will activate the CO2-powered mechanism to cycle your pistol’s slide and provide recoil. 

Our Bronze Package is a great starter package to begin training at a discounted price!

It includes:

  • A CoolFire Trainer Barrel System of your choice (see drop-down menu)
  • CoolFire Pouch to hold system and items listed below
  • 2 TRTs (Tap Rack Training Aid that prevents slide lock)
  • 2 Striker Tips (Protects the longevity of the CoolFire Trainer Barrel striker)
  • Grease
  • Hex key (For laser adjustment & CO2 purging)
  • Soda Maker CO2 Fill Device
  • 14oz Soda Maker CO2 Tank

*This package does not include a laser*


*PLEASE NOTE: The CoolFire Trainer Barrel length and caliber is indicated by the content in (parentheses) and should be an exact match to your live fire barrel length and caliber. Make sure you are choosing the correct barrel length and caliber to ensure compatibility. If you do not see your barrel length or caliber listed, we either did not list it on purpose, or we unfortuantely do not make a compatible CoolFire Trainer Barrel/package for your handgun yet.


Due to shipping regulations, this package is only for USA based customers as we are unable to ship Pre-Filled CO2 Tanks internationally. If you purchase this package and select an international shipping address, your order will be cancelled.

*Not eligible for discounts.

7 Reviews

  • Bronze Package Great Product

    I bought the trainer for the P365. I was impressed with the quality of the upon opening the box. Everything was neatly packed in the carrying pouch. After reviewing the installation video It was very simple to install .It only took minutes. to get into training. The trainer works as expected and provides good recoil to help improve muzzzle control and trigger press to improve accuracy. I Highly recommend this tool. With the price of ammunition still high it is worth the investment to get realistic practice training at home. Range trips can be made to do live fire shooting to apply the training and measure how much you are improving while using less ammunition.. Also with this kit you would only need to purchase a barrel kit and laser for any other firearm they make one for. I purchased the red muzzle laser and used the system utilizing dry fire online program to track shot placement. I was able to get about 12 shots per fill. I also purchased the rapid fill laser adapter and that upped my shots per fill to about 40 shots. This allowed doing magazine changes without having to stop and refill. The kit comes with spare parts to keep the system running for a while.

    Posted by Richard on Mar 21st 2024

  • Bronze Package - G19

    It's a gift, so haven't tried it yet, but looks same great quality as my first one. Service excellent. Small SNAFU on shipping, but handled quickly and everything is great - arrived in time for XMas!

    Posted by P Lim on Dec 23rd 2023

  • Bronze Package

    Best training tool I ever used. Like training with live ammo. Highly recommended.

    Posted by George on Dec 5th 2023

  • Coolfire bronze package

    It's awesome, works as described!

    Posted by Jose on Sep 28th 2023

  • Closer to real

    The ordering process went smoothly and it shipped in a timely fashion. All was packed well and in great shape. If you know how to pull your barrel then you know how to set this up. That simple. The feel of the shot is as close to normal as I want it on my Glock19. I interfaced it with my mantis and they work great together. Make you a better shooter?: I have no doubts that this will make you a better shooter, as it is making me. Money Saver? Sure, eventually, though this stuff ain't cheap! What is a higher value, to me, is the useage. I can go to the garage and get a training session done in a 1/2 hr or so. Try that with live fire! Even with my crazy schedule, 2 sessions a week is very reasonable, where a trip to the range is maybe 1x/month. So for me, that's the value, right there! Wanna be a better shot? Practice with your weapon of choice, your trigger, your hands, your mind. This is the best way to do it.

    Posted by Mike audet on Sep 2nd 2023

  • P365XL Kit

    Very happy with this kit. Had some trouble getting it into firearm but once it was worked out it works well. Only holds 15-20 shots due to smaller barrel.

    Posted by Don on Jul 27th 2023

  • Get your training on

    Use it everyday in my house. Improving time all they time. Not a waste of money. Figure cost of gas going to a range, cost of lane fees per person, cost of ammo used, cost of replenishing ammo used. Adds up real quick. Better thing is nobody know what I am doing .

    Posted by John Chandler on Jun 1st 2023

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