Glock 47 Compatible CoolFire Trainer Barrel


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The CoolFire Trainer Barrel is a patented product that converts your real pistol into a highly effective, realistic, and safe dry-fire training tool. Our Barrel replaces your live fire barrel inside your real pistol, and each pull of the trigger will activate the CO2-powered mechanism to cycle your pistol’s slide and provide recoil. 

Each CoolFire Trainer Barrel comes with:

  • A CoolFire Trainer Pouch
  • A CoolFire Trainer Barrel
  • A Recoil Spring Unit (replaces your pistol's factory one)
  • 2 Tap Rack Training Aids to keep your slide cycling.
  • 2 Striker Tips
  • Tube of Grease

For this Barrel, please choose the 1/2" size for any laser attachments.

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1 Review

  • Glock 47 Coolfire

    As a satisfied owner of the Glock 47 Coolfire Trainer, I can attest to its exceptional design and functionality. The simplicity of use coupled with its near-realistic experience makes my home training sessions both convenient and effective. Pairing it with my Mantis X has significantly improved my handling and shooting accuracy, providing invaluable feedback for continuous improvement. Overall, this trainer is a must-have for any Glock enthusiasts seeking to elevate their skills in the comfort and safety of their own home. I highly recommend this Coolfire trainer. .

    Posted by Effective_Striker7 on Mar 20th 2024