Smith & Wesson M&P CoolFire Trainer Barrel

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The CoolFire Trainer Barrel is a patented product that converts your real pistol into a highly effective, realistic, and safe dry-fire training tool. Our Barrel replaces your live fire barrel inside your real pistol, and each pull of the trigger will activate the CO2-powered mechanism to cycle your pistol’s slide and provide recoil. 

Each CoolFire Trainer Barrel comes with:

  • A CoolFire Trainer Barrel
  • A Recoil Spring Unit (replaces your pistol's factory one)
  • 2 Slide Release Inserts to keep your slide cycling.
  • 2 Striker Tips
  • Tube of Grease
  • Rubber Seals

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2 Reviews

  • Excellent Trainer

    I have done dry fire training on a regular basis and the constant having to rack the slide back can lead to bad muscle memory. You need to train similar to live fire as possible, and with today’s ammo prices, this is a great option. As an instructor this gives me another tool for the class to discuss recoil and have students experience it. A great training tool and I look forward to the laser with quick refill and extended capacity coming back in stock. I also love the fact that you can do magazine changes without slide lock on each shot. I get about 17 rounds (1 mag) per charge. Highly recommend this tool.

    Posted by Emery K on Dec 30th 2023

  • Product Design

    Overall this is a neat product, a bit expensive considering it costs more than a typical handgun when you add the laser and fill device, but fun and easy to use. It makes dry firing much more enjoyable, with less risk of training scars from constantly having to reset the sear by racking the slide every time the trigger is pulled. I understand the limitations of commercial CO2 fill devices, and metalurgical limitations of the barrel / pressure vessel material, but I do find myself wishing for a bit more than 12 - 15 shots per refill. Just the $0.02 from a paying customer. Also, this product, when combined with the stock recoil spring, works well in my M&P 9sc 3.7 inch carry gun. This dual use really makes the high cost more tollerable. Not sure if i could buy just the recoil spring that y'all have designed, but it would be another wat to get more money out of me. Respectfully, Jesse W Mac Iver

    Posted by Jesse W Mac Iver on Dec 5th 2023