Extend-a-Shot Laser

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The Extend-A-Shot Laser provides an additional 40+ trigger pulls with each CO2 charge. 

  • Screws onto the end of the CoolFire Trainer barrel.
  • Compatible with electronic targets that beep/flash when hit, such as the LaserPET II and i-MTTS Targets.
  • Compatible with many camera-based simulators, including: Smokeless Range by Laser Ammo, Ti Training simulators, Laser Academy by Mantis, and LASR App by LASRX.
  • Available in Visible Red, Infrared, and No Laser.
    • The Visible Red comes with a complimentary 3-Pack of Reflective Targets. 

*For best results with the Extend-a-Shot Laser, we recommend using either our Paintball or Soda Maker products. We do not recommend using the Extend-a-Shot Laser with our 90 Gram products.

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