Visible Red Muzzle Laser

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The Visible Red Muzzle Laser allows you to see your hits on reflective and electronic targets including:

  • Our CoolFire Trainer Reflective Targets.
  • Compatible electronic targets that beep/flash when hit, such as the LaserPET II and i-MTTS targets  
  • Simple reflective objects that can serve as improvised targets, including paper targets, light switch covers, etc.
  • Screws onto the end of the CoolFire Trainer Barrel, but must be removed each time for refilling.

If you do not want to remove your Laser for refilling, consider purchasing our Rapid-Fill Adapter Laser or Extend-a-Shot Laser instead!

8 Reviews

  • Muzzle Laser for P365

    Works well. Easy to install and adjust to zero the laser with your sights.

    Posted by Richard on Mar 21st 2024

  • Laser red

    Works great, easy to use and install, having lots of fun with dry fire training

    Posted by Sean on Feb 12th 2024

  • Visible Red Muzzle Laser

    The laser works fine and is easy to use.

    Posted by George Obregon III on Dec 5th 2023

  • red laser

    Easy to install and direction to install were great and prevented cross threading. Unlike most laser coming out of the barrel - this one is adjustable!

    Posted by Nick Massal on Aug 29th 2023

  • Works as advertised

    Pleased with this so far. The spread of the beam is a bit wide and fat which causes some of my targets to not register, but otherwise this is a great add on.

    Posted by Don on Jul 27th 2023

  • Works Great with G19

    I'm using it with a Phlster Skeleton holster for my Glock 19 Gen5 and I needed to widen the gap at the bottom just a tiny bit to allow me to holster with the laser attached for dry fire draw practice. Note that's it's bright enough to see on regular paper targets, too, and the red light lasts long enough to see where you hit. I'm pleased so far!

    Posted by Steve on Jul 15th 2023

  • Visible laser

    Great product!! Love that it “shoots” then shuts off! Very happy with it. Seems very well made

    Posted by Tim Randall on Apr 27th 2023

  • Glock 10

    The laser works beautifully, and all the other products that I brought to once again I want to thank you for

    Posted by Brian Bonilla on Apr 27th 2023